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American Indian art falls into different categories, also known as forms. One of the more popular is jewelry, which includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other types of jewelry. Quillwork, beadwork, rugs, dream catchers, clothing and moccasins are other categories. Art created by Native American people also take on more traditional forms such as carvings, totem poles, masks, paintings and pottery.

The unique thing about American Indian art is that each tribe or region had their own medium, which they were known for. The Pueblo and Navajo people were known for their hand woven blankets and rugs, while the Inuit people were better known for their carvings and jewelry. There were also tribes creating artwork in the southwest, the northwest (particularly along the coast line) and in the Plains. Some of the more popular tribes still creating art include the Shoshone, Arapaho, Hopi and Zuni.

Resources on American Indian art include:

  • Native American Artists: offers information on different modern day artists working in the Native American tradition.
  • Native American Arts and Crafts: explains the different types of art and offers resources on artists working today.
  • Native American Indian Art: gives a definition of art, along with different types of art done by Native American people.
  • Native Arts: retailer of contemporary Native American art, clothing and artifacts.
  • Native Art Network: group of Native American artists working on spreading news of their work and examples of the art they create.

Those interested in purchasing American Indian art have a lot of options available. Nearly every city with a tribe in the vicinity offers art for sale and galleries highlighting local artists. There are also many galleries now taking the virtual route and showing the artwork for sale on their website. This allows anyone from around the world the chance to pick up a piece for their own home, without taking a long trip. Shoppers even have the option of choosing an older artifact or a modern day piece. There are many collectors of Native American art and many people offering those pieces for sale.

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