Apache Indians

The Apache Indian and their culture

The Apache Indian tribe was also known as the Great Feared Tribe. They received this name under the leadership of Geronimo. Geronimo was a medicine man that lived with one of the tribes located in Mexico and was quite possibly the most famous Apache Indian. Many believed he was a smart and resourceful when it came to battles. He had great faith in Jerome, the patron saint of the Apache people. During battles with the Mexicans, he screamed out the man's name, which scared the attackers. He also claimed that the spirits told him he'd never be injured by a bullet and in his entire life, he never was. He eventually surrendered during a huge battle.

The Apache tribe settled in parts of Arizona and New Mexico, eventually moving to areas of modern day Mexico. Men in the tribe rode horses and learned about horseback riding from European settlers arriving in North America. Other tribes used the horses for food, but the Apache saw the benefit of using the horses for travel. The typical Apache hunter rode his horse while heading off on a hunt and also took care of it back at the camp.

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The Apache were known for hunting the buffalo, which at the time was plentiful in the southwest. They, like other Native American tribes, focused on using all parts of the animal. In the case of the buffalo, a single animal had dozens of different uses. The hunter ate the meat from the buffalo, used its bones to make tools and weapons and used the fur for clothing. Women often wore long dresses, while men wore pants and vests. They also used buffalo hide for their teepees.

Today experts estimate that there are around 100,000 people with Apache Indian heritage living in the United States. This number includes those directly descended from the tribe and those with only a small amount of Apache blood due to intermarriage. The areas with the greatest population of Apache include Arizona and New Mexico.

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