Arrowheads were used to help Native American Indians hunt and also fight wars

Native American arrowheads are a much beloved and treasured type of artifact. Part of this is because they're so easy to find, at least in certain areas. People love the fact that it's a little piece of history they can carry with them and something they can pass down to their children. People all over the world are fascinated with these little artifacts.

There are different types of arrowheads and they were used for different reasons. There were separate arrows for hunting, spear fishing, game hunting and target shooting and all varied in size. These were made out of flint or another durable material that would last for long periods of time. Stone and rock were popular options. The tribes used another rock and hit it firmly against the arrowhead, creating the basic shape. They then carved it further, leaving behind tool marks and indentations on the sides.

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These artifacts can be found almost anywhere that Native American tribes called home. However there are always instances where people find them far away from the tribes. This is especially true of nomadic tribes because as they moved, they naturally left behind different things. Primarily though they're found in campsites and the center of different villages.

There are people who make it a point to hunt for these artifacts. They know that they're often hidden below the surface of the ground and not left out in the open. Archaeologists use special tools to search for them, but others sift through the dirt with their hands. These people realize that at any point they just might find something special.

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