Beaded Bracelet

The Native American bead bracelet is rich with history

The bead bracelet has been seen in the remains of many different cultures. On Tutankhamen's mummy, bead bracelets were found on both of the arms. The American Indians also wore beaded bracelets in each of the tribes. Their beads were carved from many materials, such as shells and coral, wood, ivory and animal bones. Turquoise beads were and still are a popular choice of beads regarding the American Indians. Today, bead bracelets include any different types and styles.

Types of Bead Bracelets

You can find bead bracelets made from many different types of beads. Glass, gemstones, wood, silver, pewter, and turquoise are just a few of the dozens of types of beads you can purchase to make bracelets from. Many parents and teachers buy alphabet letters that come in the shape of the bead, or engraved on the bead, to give to their class or kids for an art project. Freshwater pearl bead bracelets can be purchased to give to that special someone, as can a sea shell bead bracelet.

Styles of Bead Bracelets There are many different styles of bead bracelets that can be bought or made. Bead bracelets are great for kids of all ages, and can be made for birthdays, holidays, graduations, or for any occasion. Bead bracelets can be bought for Mother's Day as a special token to Mom, and can be made out of birthstones of all the kids, or from charm beads. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to the styles of bead bracelets that are available. Many beaded bracelets can be custom-made for that special someone in your life.

How Are They Made?

Bead bracelets are generally made by hand, although many websites may put them together by machine. When buying beads to make your own bead bracelets at home, you will need to buy the accessories to go along with it. This includes chains, clasps, mountings and stringing materials, among other things.

A bead bracelet can be fun to make and fun to buy. With the many styles, shapes and types available, you are sure to find one for any occasion.

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