Black Hills Gold Jewelry

Black hills gold jewelry - Unique and handcrafted

Gold is one of America's most precious commodities. Most gold is yellow, but there is a very special kind called black hills gold, which has an entirely different coloration and style to it. The Black Hills is a small area of hills and mountains located in South Dakota and Wyoming. In these mountains, the Native Americans once lived and flourished and were the original discoverers of this type of gold. In 1874, the gold rush was a huge event in the United States, and some prospectors went to the black hills to find some. There, they discovered this amazing type of gold that is rich in different alloys and hues, and is a much sought after element used in jewelry.

Black hills gold jewelry is usually tri-colored and has rose, green and yellow colors. This is because of the different gold alloys that are used to make the jewelry. After the gold rush, jewelry makers were astounded by the black hills gold, and were extremely enthusiastic to start selling rings, necklaces, and other pieces to buyers. The colors make each item all the more beautiful as well as easily identifiable. Each piece of this amazing jewelry can take a team of up to 40 people to create. Like any good thing, there is a legend attached to black hills gold.

The legend of black hills gold says that a Frenchman named Henri LeBeau came to America to join the gold rush. While he was here, he got lost in the hills after a gang attacked the group of miners he was with. Henri decided to stay there in the black hills, and design a piece of jewelry with it that would remind him of his home back in France. This is why so many pieces of black hills gold, particularly rings, are now made in the design of grape bunches to resemble the wine they drink in France. No matter what kind of jewelry fans of gold prefer, black hills gold is definitely unique and exquisite, offering a piece of jewelry that will be remembered and appreciated for years to come.

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