Coyote Fur

Native American Uses for Coyote Fur

Coyotes played a big part in Native American life. Just like other animals that were hunted and killed by Indians, most every piece of the coyote was used for something-even its hide and bones. Coyote fur was especially prized among Native Americans because it is a natural insulator. It was used to make shirts and coats. Coyote fur was also used for decoration purposes in both the home, and on head dresses.

The color of coyote fur varies from a gray-brown to yellow-gray. Desert coyotes tend to be more yellow, while coyotes that live in the mountains tend to have darker fur. Regardless, the throat area of the coyote is generally a white or buff color, while the legs tend to be a reddish brown. The back region of the coyote has under-fur that is tawny in color with black-tipped guard hairs that appear to make a dark stripe on the animal.

To learn more about the coyote and how the animal benefited Native Americans, visit Native American Art. You can see a list of coyote legends at The Shoshone Indians and you can read coyote poems and stores at Indians. ENative American is a great place to purchase modern day pieces that are replicas of Native American items that were made from coyote fur. The Spirit Connection Store also offers furs that were once used by Native American.

Coyote fur isn't important for day-to-day life as it was in early Native American history. However, there are many items that are still being made from coyote fur, and imitation coyote fur. These items include things such as blankets, hats, coats, and clothing with fur trim. While there really is no decrease in the number of coyote pelts that are being purchased today when compared to a decade ago, it is moving slightly downward. This is thought to be due in part to the changing customs of wearing fur, as well as fashion.

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