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Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Take a Grand Canyon Bus Tour

There are a number of different options for visitors looking to enter and experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon. Some of the popular attractions in the park are music, dancing and art from Native Americans; as well as camping, nature walks, helicopter tours and trail rides on mules. The canyon is over a mile deep and almost 300 miles long, visitors looking to see and do more on there trips can consider taking a Grand Canyon bus tour.

Visitors to the park who come from outside the local area tend to arrive by airplane. Once in the Southwestern area of the United States, major cities including Flagstaff, Las Vegas and Phoenix offer guided tours to the park. Before choosing a Grand Canyon bus tour, it is important to understand what amenities the tour company offers. Some companies offer only one day visits, while others offer multiple day adventures.

Single day trips usually offer lunch so those traveling on the tour bus will be expected to provide there own breakfast and dinner. Air conditioned buses are the norm and for a Grand Canyon bus tour, reservations are often required in advance. Guided single day bus tours typically only have time to visit the more popular areas of the canyon with several stops being made for restroom breaks and to allow tourist to take photos and explore souvenir shops. The tight itinerary often means visitors only spend up to 30 minutes in an area.

The Grand Canyon also offers several free shuttle buses for visitors to enjoy. Allowing visitors to access more destinations in the park enjoy the view and visit conveniently located gift shops. Shuttle locations are marked by signs within the park and are easy to spot; the buses are white featuring a green stripe. Buses also feature bicycle racks since biking in the canyon is so popular. Grand Canyon buses arrive every 15 to 30 minutes and do not require a ticket.

Shuttles are available in the remote South Rim area of the canyon, making it easier to travel around. Shuttle availability tends to vary by season; therefore, obtaining a map of shuttle bus routes from the Grand Canyon National Park will allow visitors to ensure transportation is available in the areas they plan to visit.

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