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When most people think of Grand Canyon camping, they think of a relaxing adventure away from home. The Grand Canyon offers camping enthusiasts a variety of views and experiences. Planning a camping trip to the Grand Canyon has never been easier.

Each year, hundreds of campers enjoy similar adventures when they experience their own Grand Canyon camping trip. With so many to choose from, everyone can find one they all will enjoy. Do your homework and research authoritative websites regarding Grand Canyon activity options before your trip will help immensely.

The North and South rims of the Grand Canyon offer “developed” campgrounds. Meaning there will be some type of bathroom facilities available, and “marked” camping spaces. Some of the campgrounds do have hook-ups for electricity, but quite a few of them do not. Those who like to “tent” camp, however, may actually want to consider taking one of the campgrounds without hook-ups.

Backcountry camping (that is, going “off the beaten path”) is allowed; however, you must obtain a permit. Too many visitors can damage the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon, only a few people are allowed to camp at a given time. Flexibility is a must, as you may have to change the dates you wish to go, and where in the backcountry you can camp.
If you want an experience similar to "the Brady Bunch", the Havasupai Reservation is located near the South Rim of the Canyon. Camping is available near the reservation, and can be fairly modern to downright primitive (pit toilets only, no running water, etc.) 

The village is situated near some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the Canyon. You can hike them alone, or a guide from the reservation will be glad to take you to them.

Whatever method of camping you decide to employ, please remember the Grand Canyon is still a living, changing ecosystem. Please respect the area, obey all the rules and regulations (they are there for a purpose), and leave it for others to enjoy. 

Remember, too, parts of the Grand Canyon are still considered “wilderness”, so you will need to take great care of it. Ranger help is available, but it may take a while as they are quite busy.

Regardless, if you can take a Grand Canyon camping trip, by all means, do so. It is considered a must-have experience by countless campers and vacationers. Experience a Grand Canyon vacation sooner than later.

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