One of the Best Ways to see the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are a wonderful way to experience the true beauty of the National Park landmark. Tours are available through many companies, perhaps the most notable being Grand Canyon Tours & Hotels.

This company offers three different tours to show various areas of the canyon and to help fit the needs of nearly every budget. The available tours are the: North Canyon Tour, Imperial Tour, and the Havasupai Heli-Hiking Tour. Grand Canyon helicopter tours all depart from the same location off of Highway 64, at the South Rim of the National Park.
The North Canyon Tour is the most cost effective tour with ticket prices ranging from $118 per child to $138 per adult. These prices do not include taxes and fees. With this tour, you'll be able to see more of the canyon in comfort, because walking around all day would not allow you to see a large portion of the sights.

The Imperial Tour has tickets available for $193 per adult and $173 per child. These prices do not include taxes or fees. This tour includes part of the Colorado Deserts, and lasts around 45 minutes. It allows you to see more than the North Canyon Tour, and is an excellent option for photographers.

The Havasupai Heli-Hiking Tour lasts approximately 7 hours. As of the date of this article, the tour is unavailable and therefore no pricing information is available.

For those who are staying in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon helicopter tours are also available at an additional cost. For $260 per adult and $240 per child, The Grand Celebration Tour will take about 4 hours from the time you leave the hotel to the time you return. Hotel shuttle services are available at a variety of the Vegas hotels, and will arrive about 90 minutes prior to the helicopter take-off. This tour is a great way to take advantage of all Vegas has to offer while also taking time to see a great natural wonder without making a separate special trip and booking more hotel stays.

If you've ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon, booking a helicopter tour is the best way to do it. You'll get to see everything from an amazing viewpoint, and you'll have time to walk around and explore different areas of the canyon on foot. Grand Canyon helicopter tours are the most relaxing ways to view the canyon and one to be cherished for years to come.

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