Grand Canyon Map

Detailed Grand Canyon Map

Maps are an indispensable tool for any traveler, but this is especially true when you are traveling outside the confines of a city or town with well-marked streets and intersections. It is easy to get lost in wilderness areas, so having a good map when you are hiking can keep you from getting lost and being unable to find your way home.

One of the best known wilderness areas in the United States is the Grand Canyon, which is located in a rather sparsely populated portion of Northwest Arizona. Although the Grand Canyon national park is full of properly-marked trails and other guides, it is still useful to have a map of the region.

The first type of Grand Canyon map you will want to have is one that will show you how to get to the national park itself. Directions and maps of this kind abound online, and the official website of Grand Canyon National Park itself will tell you how to get there. Depending on your starting point, there are a variety of ways to get to the south rim of the canyon, but all of them will eventually have you heading north on Highway 64 straight into the park. As with the south rim of the canyon, there are different ways to get to the north rim; all of them will take you finally to Route 67 where you will drive south into the north entrance of the park.

You will also want to have a Grand Canyon map depicting the canyon itself. There are many different options depending on the kind of tour you are taking. A Grand Canyon area map will show you where the park is located in relation to the surrounding areas, and is helpful both for driving to the park and for getting a general sense of where you are. For those who are going to be viewing the park from the South rim, there is a Desert View Drive map that will guide a popular driving tour of the Grand Canyon. For those who are more adventurous, the Backcountry Use Area map is recommended, as it will show the designated hiking trails and campsites wilderness hikers can use if they are hiking in more remote areas.

All of these maps and many others are available at the Grand Canyon National Park website. Making good use of them will ensure your Grand Canyon trip is memorable — for all the right reasons — and will guide you to the most popular areas of the park.

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